“PACT is a chance to write music not specific to a genre, but more specific to a sound and style”.

iTunes Link: po.st/PACTITUNES
Beatport Link: po.st/PACTBEATPORT

Soulful, serene and inspirational, Love & Other is proud to present PACT’s ‘Hold On EP’. A project born from a love for music, combining melodic, dramatic production, with a soundtrack-like quality coupled with ultra savvy beats and grooves.

PACT’s ‘Hold On EP’ deftly occupies and combines extremes, with its delicate melodies, crisp percussion and urgent beats. The wistful and wondrous, track ‘Hold On’ builds beautifully around Alice Amelia’s vocal. Stepping up the energy, ‘Beachouse’ is melodic and dramatic; whilst ‘Lights Hurt’ is a deeper and darker affair. Concluding the EP, Heliotype’s remix of ‘Hold On’ completely transforms the track into an energetic and driving, yet hypnotic, piece.

Enjoy - Love & Other x