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It is an absolute pleasure to welcome back the most talented Mad Villains for the follow up to his Love & Other debut “La Promesse”. Senses EP shows a similar soulfulness to his earlier work but this time around focusing on a few key elements that are executed to perfection.

Right from the off, the title track ‘Senses’ draws you in with its club-friendly yet melancholic vibe, seeking all things sensuous. Utilising an array of classic and new school sounds in the form of swelling pads and lush synths, paired with a heavy kick drum and noisy shuffling hi-hats. A rubbery bassline forms the spine of the record morphing in and out with percolating FM timbres. A sophisticated vocal rendition from Aisha Zoe ices the cake, bringing with it bundles of gravity and depth.

Cut from a similar cloth, the B-side ‘I Need’ features a stimulating drum and percussion pallet that’s driven by the rugged, UK-licked bassline and signature synth swirls - making for a danceable groove that has become the calling card for the more exciting bass music that’s come out of the UK in recent years.

Rough on the edges yet effortlessly elegant, one foot in the past and one in the present, Mad Villains and Aisha Zoe together deliver a mature slab of home pride - encapsulated by a stunning artwork illustration crafted by Ami Vadi.