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‘Words I Got’ opens the EP with muted mid lines and a looping vocal snippet, before an ‘80s drum run kicks the track into full, club-ready glory. A rolling, disco-flecked bass lick unpins the cut, layered with Borgazzi’s distinctive, sensuous vocals and shimmering synth work.

Up next is the meticulously layered ‘Lil Bit’, set to keep the listener guessing from start to finish. Crunchy, high-octane hats melt into the familiar thud of a D&B-inspired bass line as fizzing, euphoric pops permeate Beckwith’s slick production. Borgazzi’s crooning melodies offer up ‘90s throwback appeal, to create an ingenious mish-mash of some of dance’s favourite genres.

With both cuts penned by Beckwith and Borgazzi as a duo, the EP is a more cohesive collaboration than standard “producer plus vocalist” project. Soulful, throbbing and expertly executed, ‘Words I Got / Lil Bit’ is Beckwith and Borgazzi at their very best.